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Introducing Go Time™ Smelling Salts Ammonia Inhalants

Introducing Go Time™ Smelling Salts Ammonia Inhalants

Go Time™ Smelling Salts Ammonia Inhalants are a uniquely scented stimulant, available with a cool blast of Peppermint or an invigorating breath of Eucalyptus. They provide the user with an instantaneous boost of alertness. The non-ingested delivery system works simply by smelling—no nasty flavored drinks or shots.

How to use Go Time™ Smelling Salts

It’s a simple 3-step process… just CRUSH. SMELL. GO.™

First remove a Go Time™ Inhalant from it's handy, pocket sized box and crush it between your thumb and forefinger. Bring the inhalant to your nose and deeply inhale through your nostrils until the desired effect is achieved. Go Time™ promotes alertness and enhances your body's natural response.

The Science of Go Time™

So how does go time™ work?

Simple… Go Time™ gets you going when you need it most. No nasty tasting drinks. No calories. No ingestion. The active ingredients in Go Time™ stimulate the nervous system, delivering a boost of alertness. You feel impact immediately right when you need it most. Because you are not ingesting anything, there is no caffeine or sugar crash.

Go Time™ FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

• Are Go Time™ Inhalants Safe?

Smelling salts have been used for many years. Professional athletes use smelling salts in their pre-game rituals and in the heat of competition as a means of delivering an instant boost of alertness.

• What Makes Go Time™ Inhalants different from traditional smelling salts?

Go Time™ Inhalants have been specially formulated to give all the benefits of traditional smelling salts while letting our bright, clean scents through. Our unique, eye-opening blasts of Peppermint or Eucalyptus will wake your senses while the Ammonia(4.5%) acts as a reflex stimulant to boost your alertness.

• Do Go Time™ Inhalants contain caffeine?

No! Go Time™ Inhalants are 100% Caffeine Free. You do not ingest Go Time™ Inhalants as you would typical caffeine based energy products, Go Time™ Inhalants are for inhalation only. With Go Time™ Inhalants you simply CRUSH. SMELL. GO.™

• Where Can I Get Go Time™ Inhalants?

Look for Go Time™ Inhalant 4-Packs in cool Peppermint or invigorating Eucalyptus in convenience stores and sporting goods stores near you. Use our Store Locator below to find where they are available right now! If you would like to know when they will be available in your area contact us by giving us a call at 413.351.3121 or through our contact form, and we'll let you know when you can! Go Time™ Inhalants may also be purchased direct from our website by clicking the following link: Go Time™ Direct Web Store

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If you're looking for more information about Go Time™ Ammonia Inhalant Smelling Salts, or you want to know where or when Go Time™ will be available in your area give us a call at 413.351.3121 or drop us a line in the form below!